*Security and public safety is our top priority at Friedman Memorial Airport. We strive to offer you a positive experience while you are here.

Friedman Memorial Airport

Terminal Area Plan 2022

The below Terminal Area Plan (TAP) identified terminal area functional components requiring renovation, expansion, and/or replacement to meet SUN’s needs within the next 10-15 years (2021 – 2035). 

FMA Terminal Area Plan 2022


Alaska Airlines
Delta Airlines
United Airlines

Airline Ticket Counters are available for check-in services. Self check-in kiosks in the lobby are available. Web check-in is another option provided by most airlines. Go to your airlines’s website and print your boarding pass from your office or home and take the boarding pass with you to the Airport. If you are not checking any luggage you may proceed directly to the security screening area to board your flight.

Rental Car, Taxi, Bus and Other Ground Transportation information

This plan describes how, following excessive tarmac delays and to the extent practicable, Friedman Memorial Airport will provide for the deplanment of passengers, provide for the sharing of facilities and make gates available at the airport and provide a sterile area following excessive tarmac delays for passengers who have not yet cleared US Customs & Border Protection.

View FMA's Tarmac Delay Plan


The Friedman Memorial Airport Airline Terminal offers concessions from The Coffee House. Making coffee drinks in the traditional style with smooth, micro-textured milk and 2 shots of espresso for a rich coffee taste. Proudly serving Lizzy’s Coffee, Locally Roasted. The BEST coffee in the valley!


There is an Automated Teller Machine located in the north end of the terminal near arrivals.

There are Courtesy Phones located in the north end of the terminal.