Sun Airport Art Committee (SAAC)

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Submission Deadline – Wednesday, October 5, 2022

SUN Airport Art Committee (SAAC) invites artists to submit two or three-dimensional artwork for exhibition at the Friedman Memorial Airport terminal. Accepted artwork will be on display at the airport beginning November 2, 2022. There is no honorarium associated with this project. There is no entry fee.

ELIGIBILITY: The project is open to artists residing in Blaine County, Idaho as well as all artists who come here to create work inspired by Central Idaho. The project is open to applicants regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or disability.
Incomplete, ineligible, or late applications will not be reviewed.

PROJECT HISTORY DESCRIPTION: Friedman Memorial Airport was remodeled and expanded in 2015. Renovations created increased wall space, which the airport management and board saw as an opportunity to exhibit artwork. Working with Hailey and Ketchum City Arts Commissions, to create a vision, a display of artwork drawn from local galleries was installed. The ultimate desire was to extend an open call to local artists and galleries for longer exhibitions. Exhibitions will rotate bi-annually in November and May with different artwork chosen for each cycle.

The SAAC will display as many as 30 or more works of art. Two-dimensional work may be as small as 16” X 20”, and as large as 98”H x 168” W.

ART COMMITTEE: Submitted work will be juried by representatives of the Friedman Memorial Airport management and board, members of the Hailey and Ketchum Arts Commissions, local gallery owners and arts advocates in a blind jury process.


  • September 7, 2022 – Call out + submissions accepted
  • October 5, 2022 – Submission Deadline
  • October 10-14, 2022 – Jury Review of Submissions
  • October 17-20, 2022 – Notice of Jury Selections
  • November 2, 2022 – Installation of Artwork
  • TBD – Artist Reception
  • (Spring 2023) – Artwork Removed

All applicants will be notified of the jury decisions via e-mail during the week of October 17.


The following artwork is currently on display in the FMA terminal. Enjoy!

Artist contact information:

1) Victoria Adams:

2) Same as #1

3) Mary Arnold:

4) Clint Blackstock:

5) Same as #4

6) Rudi Broschofsky:

7) Same as #6

8) Tina Cole:

9) Same as #8

10) Daniel Diaz-Tai:

11) Same as #10

12) Steve Dondero:

13) Same as #12

14) Marne Elmore:

15) Same as #14

16) Joyce Ernst:

17) Lori Fenn:

18) Marybeth Flower:

19) Same as #18

20) Oliver Guy:

21) Bill Hamilton:

22) Same as #21

23) Lynne Hanson:

24) Same as #23

25) Lee Higman:

26) Sue Johnson:

27) Judith Kindler:

28) Same as #27

29) Deborah Kirby:

30) Same as #29

31) Gary Komarin:

32) Thia Konig:

33) Jill Lear:

34) Linda Lowe:

35) Greg Miller:

36) Jennifer Montgomery:

37) Kathy Moss:

38) Marcia Myers:

39) Michael Olenick:

40) Same as #39

41) Susan P. Perin:

42) William Pinney:

43) Mary Rolland:

44) Same as #43

45) Mark Sheehan:

46) Natalie Smith:

47) Marie Stewart:

48) Mimi Stuart:

49) Theodore Villa:

50) Same as #49

51) Same as #49

52) Laura Wilson:

53) Steve Wrubel: