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Pro Tips

By August 5, 2022Featured, Pro Tips
There’s no denying airline travel this summer has been slightly challenging at times. Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for your upcoming trip and help you navigate this especially busy travel season.
  • Earlier flights have a lower risk of being canceled. As the day progresses flights tend to get bumped, throwing off the schedules.
  • Choose non-stop flights when possible to avoid missing connections.
  • Be prepared for delays- battery packs, snacks, change of clothes- give a little extra thought to what you are putting in your carry-on.
  • Check with your credit card company to find out if flight interruption coverage or other trip insurance is built in. Also, see if your card comes with free lounge access.
  • Consider travel insurance from a third party.
  • When checking your bag:
  • Be sure to remove all labels and tags before checking your luggage.
  • Are the airport code, name, and other information correct on the bag tag?
  • Consider purchasing a tracker for your luggage.
  • Keep your baggage receipt
  • Some airports are allowing travelers to check their bags the night before.